Do This And Google Will Make Your Blog Profitable

Blogging is something which has shown me a path all way around, I was quite impressed when I first heard about bogging. It was unbelievable for me that even such platforms exist on which you can completely rely on. Later on, when I get in touch with it I believe that it has huge potential inside which you can use to fulfil your daily expenses.

Though the competition is too high, still you can take your blog in the top rankings of Google. There are a few factors that you need to know before just entering into the blogging promotion. SEO is a very important term in blogging which you need to know, it might sound crazy but if you want to make your blog profitable you must look upon SEO.

Most of the beginner’s bloggers out there usually prefer to do free promotion as at the very beginning no one wants to spend money on promotion. If you’re looking for the strategies which will help you to make your blog profitable I’ve shortlisted some of the most effective ways to take your blog on the top of search results.

Speed Of Page

The speed of a page is something that depends upon the hosting you use, it is the hosting server to which the search engine takes as per the user request. The more powerful and reliable hosting use the more benefit you’ll get in terms of loading time of the specific page.

The speed must be between milliseconds, if it goes up to one second or more than that then probably you’re using wrong hosting and wrong themes that are not providing you blog good and decent loading speed. Now let’s move to some of the important factors which you need to know if you’re unknown about the fact.

Importance Of Speed

Maintaining a speed of your website is an important task which you need to know, and your first priority must be to improve the speed. Blogging is all about sharing content with the audience in the form of articles, so your audience must get a good user experience when they visit your website.

I would suggest you use high quality hosting like Bluehost, A2Hosting, etc, they maintain your website loading time and boost up your blog speed.

As your blog’s speed also helps you in the ranking, Google will be able to find your website if it goes well and for so maintain the speed by using a lighter theme and well manage to host so as to get good user experience.

Use PageSpeed Insights


One of the best and all-rounder service providers from Google itself, as it helps you in every aspect of your blog. It provides you with the complete details regarding how fast is your website so make sure to use it without missing.

They show you the response time at the maximum score of 100, make sure your blog should stick with the top score i.e.100. don’t allow yourself to hold it back, as it’s important to improve the scores on the website.

Not only Google’s PageSpeed insight provides you with the suggestion and clearly shows you why your score is what it and also shows you the tips which you can use to improve your website’s loading time. Make sure to check that one out which will surely help you to maximize your website speed in terms of every aspect. Although it’s a free and best tool out there, aside from this there are various different tools available which also provides you with the kind of info which will help you to increase your blog speed.

Page View In Mobile & Desktop


Undoubtedly the mobile and the desktop have different hardware and software which might take out a huge difference. The page which is loaded on the desktop is way faster compared to the mobile. Mobile takes time to load the same page so make sure to test the speed on both services so as to provides an overall good experience.

A bad speed can make your audience leave from your website so maintain it accordingly. I suggest you use tools like Pingdom & GTMetrix that will help you to check the overall speed performance of your website and it’ll also guide you in improving it, so make sure to check that one out in order to improve your blog speed.

Optimization Of Images

Optimizing the images you use is an important process, no doubt images add values to the blog posts as they are essential to use in every post out there. It gives overall good experience to the visitors, so make sure to use it accordingly, but still, there are few drawbacks of the images.

It takes a lot of space so I would recommend you to use the stock images which might be lighter in size and helps you in every aspect of your blog’s growth. To minimize its size usually, people compress the size of the images which looks bad so optimize in a proper manner but don’t just compress the size, instead, you can take a screenshot of it then use it in your blog posts which will look great and also minimizes the size of an image without looking bad in itself.

You can optimize the images with the help of several WordPress plugins available out there or you can just use the Adobe Photoshop software which is especially used to optimize the images so that to use it in your blog posts. Google will surely able to find your blog and take it on the top of the search results so use it accordingly whenever needed.

I usually use SEMRush which is an all-rounder tool that helps in every aspect of SEO. I also use the graphic presentation which attracts the users especially when there is a need to convey the information clearly. You can also take advantage of graphics which will also help you. 

Browsing Cache Leverage 

This is the life-saving web time which usually creates the browsing history which is usually saved in the online server that needs to be thrown out as it consumes much space due to which the website’s speed gets decreased. As it consumes a lot of space due to which lot more people just clears the browsing data.

If you’re looking for a good and fast blog I would recommend you free out space which will indirectly improve your website’s speed of loading the webpage.


If you want the faster website just compress the little stuff which you can except photos, videos, and graphic representation which is a vital part of the blog post. You can use the lighter theme which will help you to make your website even faster.

Basic stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript which might not look like high space consumption but literally it takes much space of your website, so make sure to clean it up. In order to check the overall status of your blog, I would like to suggest that of using some of the tools like SEMRush which will help you and guide in every step.

Use Better Hosting

Your complete website rely upon the hosting you use in order to make your website better in terms of speed the other aspects, the better you choose the hosting plan the chances of ranking on Google gets increases.

I’ve listed out some of the hosting plans which you can use to host your website. So make sure to do check them out, also you might get a better offer on its price range.



Bluehost is one of the tops ranked hosting providers out there which you can use to host your website. To get various different features in it as they are relatable. One of the top features I like is 24/7 customer care service which you can use whenever necessary. They are pretty inexpensive so it won’t hit your pocket much.



From the last couple of years, the GreenGeeks has put their plans on the top by serving the best possible plans to the users, their plan begins from just $2.95/ month and goes up to $11.95/ month accordingly you can opt the one according to the requirement.

WPX Hosting


WPX hosting is in itself a best just because the performance they is top-notch which makes the true sense even if you’re just a beginner. So if you’re a bit conscious about the website growth do check it out once. Also, their plans are quite affordable too.


If you want instant growth on google then just start researching the keywords that will help you to grow your traffic in every aspect. You can use various tools out there which helps you in finding the high traffic keywords that bring traffic to your website.

Searching the primary keywords and using it in the right way is very important so as to rank it. Usually, I prefer to use the primary keyword in the title and subtitles so that it would rank my website on the top. Also, use long-tail keywords in the body of the content which is mandatory in order to get involved in the search results of Google.

To enhance the keyword research technique you can always look for the Google keyword planner which is a free tool from Google itself which helps you to find the targeted keywords which you can use in your blog posts. SEMRush is also the best and all-rounder tool out there which helps in keyword research, as it also tracks your competitor’s keywords by analyzing the keywords they’re using in their blog posts. 

Use Various Plugins 

WordPress provides various plugins out there which you can use to make your blog more user friendly. As it’s not a big deal of using it, accordingly you can select the best plugins out there which you must take advantage of.

If you’re not taking advantage of it you might be lacking several benefits which it gives. I usually prefer to use the plugins which minimizes my time consumption and is very useful in terms of every aspect.

So these were the most mandatory strategies which I usually use for approximately every blog post out there which makes it profitable in terms of ranking.

Final Words

As the techniques which I would like to recommend are mentioned above, so make sure to apply them for your blog posts too so as to get on the top of search results on Google. I highly recommend you to also look upon various strategies which we’ve recently discussed. The strategies are well proven and still, most of the pro bloggers use it in order to boom your website.

Do this and Google will make your blog profitable

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