How to Start a Blog with a 30-Day Content Plan

Blogging is the only platform out there that allows you to examine your interest. One can follow their passion with the help of blogging as it allows you to showcase your thoughts in terms of words. If you’re the one who’s passionate about something you like to do blogging can help you a lot as it can also help you to achieve your goal of reaching out to the people you always wanted to be. 

A lot of options available out there through which you can start writing your thoughts like blogger, Wix, etc. They are the one which allows you free access also provides you a free domain name with their name including (for example  it might sound awful and unprofessional, right. If you want to be professional you’ll need a domain name that you can buy from various sources available out there at a cheaper rate. 

To follow your hobby of writing you need to first examine yourself that what you’re interested in to make your blogging carrier profitable. Select blogging platform according to your choices but I usually suggest going with WordPress which consists of several plugins that allow you to make your blog looks more professional and attractive. Though WordPress is a paid platform it worth per penny you pay. 

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress


WordPress is the leading blogging platform out there that offers you several features along with free access to plugins once you get paid to it. WordPress is known for its easiness which won’t confuse the beginner. It’s the interface that is pretty impressive as there is no need for any technical knowledge any first time user can handle it well. 

Into the world of blogging WordPress is quite easier to use compared to bloggers due to which it wins the battle. After selection of the blogging platform (specifically WordPress), you might have a question, what’s next? But no need to worry as we’re going to let you dive into the in-depth details which are necessary to know. 

Selection Of Niche


Selecting a profitable niche along with your interest should be your topmost priority in blogging. As one cannot go through random niches at the once if you want to make your blog to reach out maximum no. of the audience out there. Also. It’s not a big deal to select a niche, as you’ll just need to find out your hobby and match it with its futuristic scope, it’ll help you to select a proper niche. 

If you want to bring your blog into top rankings I would suggest you go with the trending niches which you can find using google trends, it allows you to find the keywords through which you can identify the niche you’re passionate about. Remember to drive a high amount of traffic select a single and specific niche, later on, you can extract it as per necessity. 

Selection Of Blog Topic

Its entirely up to you what you select but it should match with the niche you’ve selected. Most of the time people used to get confused while selecting a topic, therefore I used to suggest that to go with some random topics related to your niche. It’ll allow you to reach out to various websites and to do research as this will help you to get connected with some of the real pro bloggers out there. 

At the very initial stage your writing might be rough and tough but as you go on it’ll improve and you’ll get in the flow. But visiting various websites out there can help you to figure out the topic and to improve your writing style. Another thing which you look for is it’s viability, figure out that whether the topic makes sense of reaching out to the audience or not. If not then try to sort out the improper selection of topic. 

To find out the organic topic I recommend you use Ahrefs as it’s one of my favorite tools which helps me to find out the valuable topic. You just need to search about the topic you’re going to write on, it’ll automatically provide you a list where you can figure out which one suits your blog. Also, it shows the traffic drove through the topic. 

Content explorer of Ahrefs helps you to get the highly searched topics, it’ll help you to find out the organic traffic which you can drive throughout your blog. Another great tool named as SEMRush which does a similar job as the Ahrefs. At the end of they both are one of the highly used tools to search for the topic. Most of the pro bloggers stills use it. 

Blog Name Along With Domain Name

It’s not a big deal to name your blog or to find out the domain name for the same. Lot’s of domain name providers out there which you can use to find the domain that suits your niche. A lot more people out there whim used to suffer a lot while selecting a domain name just because a lot the names are already purchased so you might have to suffer unavailability. Let me take you to the solution for it, i.e. search for your self named domain as it’ll surely available at a cheaper price, but the only reason most of the people used to avoid it at the initial stage is that you’ll have to suffer a lot from not driving enough traffic. 

Therefore go with some random names which are available at the initial level. Apart from this, I came across various domain name which you can buy it at cheaper rates but not a free one. Choose the best out of the best hosting plans which will help you to store enough data on your website. Involve yourself in learning about blogging as it’ll help you a lot to find out the better version of what you want to write about. 

It doesn’t matter the much what name you choose but you should always have a 30-day content plan which will never stop you to write daily posts. Most people do the mistake of hosting their website with the free one which slows down their website. This also affects the user experience of not loading the site within 1-2 seconds (standard load time). 

All About SEO Tool Which You Should Use


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools which helps in SEO of your website. Though it’s mostly used in various streams of social media too here we’re going to see it’s used in blogging as it’s one of the most favorite tool of mine which you can always use it for free. A backlink checker is one of my most used features of Ahrefs which helps me to rank my website. 


Ahrefs is where you keep all of your data along with the tracking details. As it includes various and unique features that help in terms of SEO. You just need to add the URL as it’ll showcase you the technical crawl errors, new links, domain rating along with the URL rating, and lot more. Keep tracking your website on the Ahrefs dashboard. 

Key Features

The key features of the Ahrefs are keywords ranking and content alerts. It also includes mainly the diagnosis indicators which help you to rank your website. Target several pieces of content that are relevant to your website. It’ll help you to reach out to the goal. Apart from this, you can also check out the status of your website to keep it ranking all the time. 

Once you are done with topic and domain selection you can move on to the hosting selection part which is again one of the most important tasks which you should look for. 

Hosting Selection 

hostingSelection of proper hosting should be your 1st priority, don’t allow any of the free hosting to host your website as it can slow it down which impacts badly on the viewers. Hosting s something which helps you to store all of the information in it. Though space is concerned you can choose the hosting plans as per choice. I usually recommend going with SiteGround which is one of my favorite ad all-time great hosting providers. The plans of SiteGround hosting is pretty impressive as the prices are concerned you get the required features in it. While a section of hosting you get a couple of options out there including managed WordPress hosting. Let’s dive into it. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows you to host your website along with others. Sometimes it happens that the storage gets filled up due to which you cannot add much information in it. It’ll lower down your speed too. But the good thing about shared hosting I that it can manage up to 100k visitors which is a good thing about shared hosting. Siteground could be the great option out there which you can look for. 

Mostly I recommend going with the SiteGround shared hosting plans which start with just $3.95 which is very less as compared to the others. 

SiteGround provides you 10 GB of storage space which is way more for the beginners to get started with later on it can be upgraded to the premium one. Also, the base plan supports 10k monthly visits which are pretty impressive. Apart from this they also provide you 30 days of money-back guarantee along with a free domain name which you can choose accordingly. This might sound good for the newbie as it’ll help you to save a few bucks. 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting plans allow you to host your website at your own servers thill is quite opposite to shared hosting as it is dedicated specifically to your website. You get more space, more bandwidth which keeps your website fast and easy to access. Also, there are a lot more advantages of using it, as it one of my favorites which I’ve used for quite some time. You’ll surely need support in the dedicated hosting as it is technical hosting which needs some support while setting it up. A lot more options out there available out of which personal my favorite is SiteGround as it provides you the complete package along with various options as per need. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

Believe me, I’ve tried out a lot many hostings from various providers but none of them are as best as managed WordPress hosting especially provided by SiteGround. As the name is concerned it provides you various hosting plans which starts with just $3.95/month. It provides you a true value for the money you pay. 

So these were a few of the hosting which you should look upon. 

WordPress Page Builder


After setting up a domain and hosting your website will be ready to get evolve into the site-building process which is one of the most important aspects which you should look for. To design a blog you’ll find various options out there which you can use to make your website look professional and attractive. 

It’s more advantageous for the budding bloggers that they won’t have to suffer a lot to make it SEO optimized. You’ll get various site builders out there who used to help you with building yours. I would recommend you go with Elementor which is a great tool which makes your website more professional and gives it good looking characteristics and fell, the well-managed website attracts the visitors and chances automatically increases of getting into top-ranked. Now let’s see some of the key features provided by Elementor to build a successful blog.

All About Elementor

I have been using Elementor from the last couple of years or setting up my website, ad believe me its key features are pretty impressive. From looks to support system, everything is up to the mark so you don’t have to worry much about the feels of your blog. Just install it and it’ll take you towards the page builder from which you can set up everything you need. 

On the left-hand side of Elementor, you’ll see the panel from which you can select the elements as per need like images, header, footer, text boxes, etc. It might sound confusing for the beginners but don’t worry you’ll get used to it very soon as you ‘ll use it regularly to build a page. Also, try to spend more time understanding the elements as they are the key features that act according to one’s need. 

Even if you still suffer bit confusion you can take a look at some of the tutorials through which you’ll be clear about the page builder tool. Elementor is personal my favorite tool which is also been used by many pro-bloggers out there as it saves your time along with providing a great look to your webpage. 

If you want to get started with Elementor it is available from just $29 which is very less compared to the features they’re providing you along with the customer support which plays a vital role while setting up a page.

WordPress Themes For Your Blog


Choosing the right theme that suits your website is as important as setting up a blog. It provides good user experience and the blog will rank hopefully if you study more about it. Using a great usable theme is much more important. There are various options out there that you can use for setting up a rich theme that suits your website. 

I usually prefer to go with GeneratePress as I’m used to it from the last couple of years. It provides me the best themes for my WordPress website and also helps me to improve my ranking in terms of looks and feels.

All You Need To Know About GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a lightweight professional theme out there which is used to improve the looks and feels of your website. As the name is concerned you get various options that you can use to optimize your website by applying a well managed and lightweight theme. You’ll find a lot more options available under just 300kb which helps to lower down your load time. It helps to improve the overall performance of your website. 

You can always go with the premium version of GeneratePress which includes various options along with the customer support as it provides you a user-friendly theme. The premium version of GeneratePress is available at just $49.95 which is reasonable compared to the others out there. 

Some Of The Crucial Pages You Need To Add 

Before launching your website you’ll need to add a few of the pages to your site to get in touch with the visitors. 


The homepage attracts the users as it is the first impression comes up to your visitors when they visit your website. Its one of the crucial page which need to be added to your website. Also, there is always you need to add at your homepage which would attract the visitors so that they would visit your blog again and again. The homepage must include the recent post info which allows visitors to get to know about what your website is all about.

About Me Page

Imagine a website that won’t include the identity, surely no one will be going to visit it. Your website must include the bout me page which is essential to gain visitor’s attention. You can go through several websites to get information about writing and ‘about us ‘ page. It’s not a big deal to add it as its way simple and doesn’t even require any kind of technical knowledge. 

Contact Me Page

Contact me page is again one of the crucial pages which you should look for. As it helps you to capture the maximum emails as you can. Provide your email to interact with the visitors out there. It’ll help you a lot to know about your visitors and also help you to Keep you get in touch with them. You can also add a subscribe button to the website which is a great option out there mostly used for interaction.

Now lets jump on to the 30 days of the actionable content plan which you should follow.

30 Days Of Actionable Content Plan


Plan Your Posts Publishing Schedule

Planning your daily posts publishing schedule is vital to get in touch with the visitors. Also as per the daily schedule, you’ll have to find out the daily post’s topic which will help you to rank your website. Regularity is important to maintain daily views. Though you have to do all of the SEO kinds of stuff at the end of the content is the key. Someone said that ‘quality content can make your blog effective and identical’ so you also need to focus on quality content which should be published regularly. 

Scheduling Your Daily Posts

Figure out the suitable days on which you can set up your posts. I would highly recommend using a to-do list and notion which will help to set up your daily posts. Similar things apply on every platform where the audience is there (including youtube, podcasts, etc.). At the very beginning, you need to select at least 3 days in a week on which you’ll posts content. After that, you can slowly upgrade it.

Todoist helps you to prepare your schedule for producing content. As most of the pro bloggers still used it as they minimize your work.

Scheduling Your Re-Post

To schedule your daily task you can always g with the to-do list. After 2-3 days of publishing the post, you need to repost it on a medium that will help you to improve your audience’s view. Re-posting your daily posts by editing it is another thing to make it up to date 

How To Promote Your Blog

Posting daily posts is important but the promotion of the posts also makes sense to improve your rankings. Through promotion, you can get various attractions that will help you to add some more views to your blog. You might have seen most of the movies are being promoted using several platforms (including social media), a similar strategy you need to apply to more viewers. Imagine you’re consistent in writing regular posts along with managing it with SEO, but at the end of the day, it is useless unless you promote it. Promotion acts like an ingredient that needs to be done in every single post.

Use Social Media 

The biggest advantage of social media is it allows you to posts whatever you want also you’ll get a huge amount of audience which you can capture to make them visit your blog. Use Instagram, Facebook, etc, to give regular updates to your audience. As soon as you reach a subsequent amount of audience it’ll go on increasing. 


We’ve seen the necessary plan which you need to follow to boost your blog. The process which I’ve mentioned is practically proven and you can use it to rank your blog. I suggest you follow the process and promote it using social media and emails. At the very initial stage, you might suffer through fewer views but remember good things take time to happen. Once you follow the regularity your blog will surely boom. 

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