Nine Ways to Make Money from Watching Videos

If you’re among people who have always wondered if it is possible to make money by viewing movies, if YouTube or TV, then this very detailed and beneficial article is right for you.

It appears into the facts for this, if it functions, how it operates and reveals as many as nine websites and programs that pay you simply for viewing movies on YouTube.

In terms of getting paid for viewing movies on YouTube or perhaps on TV, it is something that most are using to make money on the internet nowadays.

When many individuals know about YouTube, if you do not, it’s an internet video-sharing website that makes people a great deal of cash.

If you’re a regular viewer with YouTube, you can find real chances that you earn decent money by simply watching movies.

1. Watch movies for money on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is regarded as the most excellent website for earning money online once you complete straightforward tasks. Along with watching movies, Swagbucks additionally pays one to answer polls, surf the web, play games, and also store online.

The business has already paid its members over $550 million-plus it’s an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You may read my Swagbucks review to find out about the ten distinct approaches it is possible to earn with the website.

It is only one of the earliest and most reliable websites that cover those who see videos.

They pay you for seeing different movies, standing from sports movies, world news movies, etc. You may also get paid just for watching videos that are sponsored.

They also cover when you do other tasks like taking polls, surfing the net, and, believe it or not, just purchasing online.

Swagbucks has since now really already paid their associates $275,000,000 in money and gift cards through recent years!

Yes, that is a shocking two hundred and seventy-five thousand bucks! That is too much money never to take these seriously, would not you say?

Aside from simply watching movies, they also benefit you to add tasks like

  • Answering Online Surveys
  • Assessing out Offers
  • Playing Games Online or Your Cell Mobile Phone
  • Searching The Internet
  • Shopping Online
  • Swagbucks is a renowned website that makes money by viewing videos and advertisements. Therefore, it is possible to go to the site and put in the cash-earning programs by viewing videos.
  • With Their Mobile Program

Its tagline is ‘polls that cover.’ So it’ll cover you for answering polls, seeing advertisements, videos, etc. Additionally, Swagbucks pays for playing games also.

Each time you finish a job, you may get in Swagbucks, or SB. 1 Swagbuck equals 1 penny. So it means when you make 100 Swagbucks, you earn $1.

It is possible to redeem this money as soon as you cross the three brinks. It may be converted into cash quickly, or you’ll be able to use it like Amazon gift card, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.

Swagbucks made its introduction in 2010 and has now compensated its customers around $348 million in money and gift cards. To generate income by seeing Swagbucks movies, you can pick from over ten types of film from Swagbucks Watch.

When you click a class like food, entertainment, or style, you will discover playlists that have between 15 and 30 movies and vary in duration by less than 30 minutes in an hour.

Every time you see a playlist, you will earn points to redeem for gift cards or PayPal money. 

Suppose you’d love to earn more income on Swagbucks. In that case, you can do anything else like complete polls, examine new products, and then use its search engine optimization. Additionally, it provides a $10 sign-up bonus to entice new members to join this application.

2. Compose subtitles for movies as a freelancer

You will find lots of YouTubers and filmmakers searching for actual feedback in their movies which you can provide to supply to them. You might also begin an agency that will help people boost their view time and involvement in their developing YouTube channel.

The picks are endless when it comes to being imaginative. So get out there and begin earning that extra money! is a transcription firm that hires closed captioners and transcriptionists on an independent basis. Transcriptionists are compensated $0.30 to $1.10 per audio moment for multiplying (assessing what they listen to) video and audio media.

Closed Captioners are compensated slightly more in $0.54 to $1.10 each movie moment. Closed captioners are accountable for viewing videos and correctly typing out exactly what they listen to.

To begin with Rev, you’re using and choose an English and Grammar quiz. Should you pass your exam, you’re going to have to apply. If approved, you’re going to be hired on an independent basis and have access to’s library of jobs.

You may work as much or as small as you’d like and get paid each week.

GoTranscript is just another firm that welcomes workers to transcribe videos. Freelancers can make around $0.60 per audio minute. So the regular GoTranscript freelancer generates $150 a month, whereas the best earners make $1,215 a month.

This task is entirely adjustable and also a work-from-home place. To begin, you ought to submit a program and pass on their entry test.

3. Earn Money watching movies on InboxPounds

InboxDollars also lets you get paid to view movies daily. As one of the primary Swagbucks options, you’ll also earn money completing surveys, playing online games, doing internet searches, and registering for promotional offerings.

Thus far, InboxDollars associates have made more than 400 million in benefits! Inbox Dollars is your sister-site into Daily Gains and can be obtained only in America. 

As a part of Inbox Dollars, you make real money by viewing movies and TV, taking polls, shopping on the internet, and reading mails. Inbox Dollars has already paid its members over $60 million.

As its name suggests, the primary direction of making from InboxDollars is studying mails that they send into your inbox.

However, they also pay you for viewing movies daily.

They’re also among the earliest in the company and pay people who register and execute the tasks supplied.

Other strategies to make from InboxDollars include finishing relevant polls, playing games online, searching online, etc.

Inbox Dollars is a helpful website that has existed for more than 20 decades. They function precisely like Swagbucks, providing users the opportunity to complete questionnaire tasks and watch movies.

And would not you know if their movie collection is specific, like Swagbucks? The sole difference in seeing videos using Inbox Dollars vs. Swagbucks is your earnings.

Together with Swagbucks, they give you 1 point to seeing 90 minutes’ worth of movies. Together with InboxDollars, you are rewarded $0.01 to $0.02 for the identical work.

Another significant difference is that you want to collect at least 30 in earnings to cash with InboxDollars.

InboxDollars is among the most popular and readily accessible sites to create money by doing temporary jobs such as watching movies, playing games, shopping, etc. In addition, you can make coupons and scratch cards. However, the film you can see in a single day is restricted.

From the conclusion of a calendar year, you can make anywhere between $50-$100.

4. Become a movie and TV reviewer

The Viggle program benefits you from viewing live TV. Harness the program when you’re watching your favorite TV series or streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or even Amazon.

You get 1 point per second if your display qualifies and will redeem your points for more than 800 gift card choices. You might even cash out with their prepaid card.

While many families are cutting out the cable TV cable and loading TV shows and movies on the internet, the approaches employed to measure TV watching habits have shifted.

Nielsen Digital Voice provides you the chance to inform the world exactly everything you see on your pc or mobile device simply by downloading the Nielsen cellphone program.

Earn rewards and also entered into a monthly cash prize drawing of $10,000. Should you still watch conventional television, you may even earn money by getting a Nielsen household.

For years, “Nielsen families” are the critical effect for TV series evaluations as families track which suggests they see.

Though this is an exciting chance, participants have been picked randomly, and there is no application procedure.

You’ll have to see your mailbox for an invitation. If you’re chosen, they’ll cover you on your attempts.

5. See advertisements, TV trailers, and much more for cash on Slicethepie

9 ways to make money from watching videos - Save the Student

SlicethePie promises to become among the most significant inspection platforms on the internet. It provides users a means to make money by earning reviews.

SlicethePie users may leave comments on paths and clothing products and other merchandise to assist musicians, artists, and perhaps even record labels make company decisions.

SlicethePie site was started in 2007, and it’s presently a music research engine that offers honest feedback to nearly all major US record labels and independent artists. 

Slice the Pie has inspection segments for trend, cell phone accessories and testimonials on the stage provide advice for businesses and musicians on making decisions about products and imaginative work.

Slice the Pie claims to have more than 2 million reviewers. The provider is located in Reading, UK, and Connecticut, New York. The idea behind Slice the Pie is excellent because it intends to assist founders and people willing to depart review benefit from one another.

It’ll be difficult for new companies and independent musicians

As a freelancer on the Pie, you can make a couple of bucks for comparatively simple tasks like listening to paths, assessing new goods, and making an overview.

You might even work from anyplace on The Pie site and program as well as through your free period to make some cash.

Slice the Pie is a prevalent method for users to make some money while also hearing many of the most contemporary music before anybody else can!

With the Pie, you will be listening to and score fresh brand music by musicians who desire your comments. You need to hear 60 minutes of this tune before beginning writing. However, it is ideal for listening to it all so that you can leave an in-depth review.

Slice the Pie looks into its testimonials and does not need “fluff.”

It needs your honest opinions, and you’re able to improve your earnings by composing more consistently comprehensive testimonials.

The more you engage and leave comprehensive reviews, the greater you are going to become ranked. In addition, a more excellent score enables you to earn more cash, which generally is between two cents and 20 cents per inspection.

There are some incentive payments accessible to raters that do outstanding work. Additionally, you can make even more cash by referring your friends!

You need to have a minimum of 10 on your account to draw your earnings using PayPal. Payments are made each week Tuesdays and Fridays. You will generally expect to determine that your profits are attributed to PayPal in 5 business days.

Open globally, and have to be at least 13 years old to join. But some reviews will likely be accessible to people in certain places.

6. Get involved in compensated psychological studies

Online polls and focus groups may also allow you to make money for listening to songs! Unfortunately, not many online votes ask you to listen to songs, but a few do.

The fantastic thing about survey invites is that they’ll allow you to know what the questionnaire will be about before taking it. So, by way of instance, the website may inform you the poll will likely be on music or a genre.

In such polls, you will sometimes have to follow new music clips and provide your comments! Focus groups also try so occasionally to find out what new music folks enjoy and dislike.

However, focus groups will typically pay over a poll since they take more time to finish and ask to learn more. In any event, you get paid back!

CreationsRewards pays one to see videos, store online, take polls, research sites, play games, and draw friends.

The earnings opportunities are almost infinite, and you’ll be able to use your rewards points to acquire gift cards and PayPal money. New members may also make a $5 signup bonus.

7. Watch video advertisements on WeAre8 for charity or earnings

As brands seem for more ethical stations due to their website investments, innovative startup WeAre8 is launching a brand new platform where individuals are paid to see brief new videos and answer queries. Together with brands contributing to good causes of every single video you see.

The promotion ecosystem was not only divided for brands, however, but it also turned out to be a sub-standard encounter for individuals. Nobody would like to be followed around the net, disrupted and bombarded with advertisements. So we pictured a better method. A more respectful and human manner that directly respects individuals.

By redirecting advertising bucks through WeAre8, 60 percent of each dollar is paid to the customer, and 5 percent goes straight to a charity of their brands. 

Brands get ensured fully finished video opinions, greater click-through and participation prices versus paid societal, and above all, their customers feel valued and respected.

8. Earn money viewing movies on PrizeRebel

Following PrizeRebel, they’re a completely free membership benefits website partnered with different market research firms searching for your view on several other products. You might even finish sure micro and offers jobs in PrizeRebel.

In exchange for sharing your comments & finishing tasks and offers, you get points that could be redeemed for gift cards and money afterward.

It signifies, there are several methods to make a living from PrizeRebel. You can get compensated by completing polls, provides, tasks, and engaging in various competitions. Once you finish specific tasks daily, you’re rewarded with cash or gift cards.

PrizeRebel functions on the Points system. For every point you allow, you get 1 cent. So to make $1, you will want to receive 100 points ($1 = 100 Points).

9. Promotes videos for businesses online

Many people with hot YouTube stations may monetize and get more out of these by accepting sponsored advertisements. In this manner, they need to obtain payments from manufacturers, individuals, or organizations to market their advertisements on the station.

Very similar to Instagram Sponsorship, where you could get paid to place onto Instagram, patrons cover a great deal of cash. So you’re able to make a substantial amount if you’ve got many targeted audiences, or in case your videos regularly become broad exposure.

In addition to getting paid to see movies, you can look at charging organizations to market their clips and advertisements on the internet.

Sponsored articles are a frequent means to generate money for internet influencers. However, as you do not necessarily require a massive online following to try it, it might be helpful if you had a sensible amount of followers on societal networking and your site.

The larger your viewers, the more you’re able to control organizations to discuss their articles.

It is vital to guarantee the videos you are boosting are of excellent quality and relevant to your viewers since it could impact your online brand should you discuss content your followers do not participate with.

Consider reaching out straight to the influencer advertising sections of brands you identify with and are interested in talking about the potential for working collectively on a sponsored movie article.

Or, especially in case you’ve got a more compact online after, you might always use freelance sites such as Fiverr to discover companies who’d be delighted to pay a small charge to talk about their movie content online.


It is possible to earn additional money watching videos from your spare time from nearly everywhere. In addition, it is possible to generate income from home or while waiting online.

The flexibility of making money watching movies and videos is precisely what makes this an enjoyable and creative chance for anybody.

There are lots of legit sites and programs which will let you watch videos online. However, they do not cover a good deal and are likely not worth your time should you’ve got greater side hustles to market your spare time.

That said, watching movies online doesn’t demand any specific ability and is only one of several tactics to make some money whenever you have nothing to do.


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