SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

Wondering a lot to find an authentic hosting for your website? Well here we’ll help you to get rid of this, here you’ll get to know in-depth details regarding SiteGround hosting which termed to be one of the best hosting for WordPress. Also from the last couple of years, I’ve been personally using it so let me take you deep into it.

It doesn’t matter which niche you’re in but if you want to make your website user friendly along with better management then you’ll surely need the best out of the best hosting which will make your website even faster. Also from the last few years, it’s been noticed that SiteGround has built its own identity in the marketplace due to which a lot many successful bloggers and online marketers are using SiteGround which makes sense to talk about it. Also, we’ll let you know the pros and cons of the SiteGround which will give you an idea. 

So without any further ado let’s dive into it.

What Is SiteGround Hosting? 

SiteGround is known for its affordable plans, as it consists of a vast number of plans from affordable ones to the high end. SiteGround is one of the fastest-growing independent companies which is way larger than it was at the very beginning. In order to make your website faster, you can go with the WordPress hosting plans which include especially three regions i.e. Startup Plan (For beginners), GrowBig Plan (For moderate users) & GoGeek Plan (For pro bloggers, website owners, and online marketers).

SiteGround is known for its scalability which provides various hosting plans too, but we’re specifically going to talk about the SiteGround WordPress Hosting. If you’d ask me for the best WordPress hosting out there in the market for beginners my first and last choice would be SiteGround the reason behind this is it’s a user-friendly interface that won’t make you think while a selection of plans for your website.

Now let’s compare SiteGround With Other Hostings. 

Comparing SiteGround Hosting With Other Hostings

Here we’re going to compare SiteGround with the other best in league hosting i.e. A2 Hosting, Bluehost & Hostgator.

SiteGround Vs A2 Hosting

When it comes to comparison let me clarify to you both of these hosting services provide value. Although both have an almost similar price range, few advantages are there due to which SiteGround wins the battle here.

Price:- When it comes to price SiteGround plans start from $3.95/month and go up to $11.95/month whereas A2 hosting plans begin with $3.92/ month and go up to 9.31/ month but SiteGround provides you 25/7 customer support which makes the sense of going with it.

Customer Support:- As SiteGround claims to provide 24/7 customer support due to which user can get in touch anytime whenever needed, it’s the great advantage of carrying SiteGround hosting. Whereas A2 hosting is quite Unresponsive in providing customer support to the users.

SiteGround Vs Bluehost

Price:- As the price is concerned the Bluehost is a bit cheaper (i.e. it begins with just $2.95/month and goes up to $7.99/month) compared to SiteGround but in SiteGround you get better user experience and values compared to the Bluehost due to which SiteGround wins. 

Customer Support:- SiteGround claims of providing 24/7 customer care support whereas Bluehost is not that good compared to SiteGround. Also, younger technical support whenever necessary, due to which whenever you install hosting you can directly get in touch anytime anywhere through chats or email. 

SiteGround Vs Hostgator

Price:-When it comes to price range SiteGround clearly wins here due to providing the exact same features as the HostGator at a very low price. Hostgator begins the hosting plans from $7.96/ month which is much more and goes up to $14.36/ month. 

Customer Support:- You get one advantage while going with SiteGround which is its reliability and service which won’t let you down. SiteGround is the only single hosting provider out there who used to provide the customer service 24/7 which is a good thing. 

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans


SiteGround provides three plans for the WordPress websites i.e. StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek consist of several useful features that can improve your website more prominently. 

StartUp Plan

Startup Plan is mainly for the bloggers who wanted to start from a scratch, one can always go with this. Even though it has some fewer features compared to GoGeek but it fulfills all needs of the beginner bloggers. If you’re the one who has just entered into the world of blogging it might suit you due to having easy controls and non-confusing features. 

Now let’s move on to some of the key features which make it useful for beginner bloggers. 

  • Essential Features:-  At the very first plan, you’ll get monthly visits up to 10,000 which makes sense. And when it comes to the webspace you get 10 GB of space here which is pretty much enough for the basic need, but here you can only host a single website which again makes it compact. Apart from this, you’ll get a lot more features like free CMS installation. When it comes to performance the hosting plan did not let you down as it provides SSD storage, Customized server setup, etc.
  • Support System:-  When it comes to providing services most of the hosting providers hang you up which does not make any sense of purchasing but here you get 24/7 customer service so that whenever you get stuck into any of the processes while installation you can contact anytime without any issue. You can get in touch with SiteGround’s customer care via email, chat, or phone call which makes it user-friendly and customer-based hosting.
  • Other Features:- In order to build an E-commerce website you can easily go with the StartUp plan which will give you an idea of using it. 
  • Price:- Providing a quality featured hosting at a low price is necessary and here you can begin with the initial plan with just $3.95/ month which is a great deal. 


It sounds good, isn’t it to get such a plan which provides you moderate features. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, online marketer, or owner of an E-commerce website GrowBig can deal with all of the requirements which makes it an all-rounder. I suggest you go with GrowBig as it consists of some upgraded features compared to the StartUp plan, which makes sense for buying it for your WordPress website.

Let me take to the features provided by GrowBig to the users. 

  • Essential Features:- As GrowBig is a moderate plan it consists of some advanced features like upgraded monthly visits up to 25000 which is more than twice the StartUp plan. Also, you get more space i.e. of 20 GB which is more than enough. And the most highlighted feature is that you can host unlimited websites with GrowBig which makes it suitable for WordPress users. I suggest you have a look at before having a purchase. Apart from this, you get almost all of the basic and few of the advanced features too which is essential for the WordPress website. It’ll improve the performance of your WordPress website.
  • Support System:- When it comes to supporting it SiteGround Claims of 24/7 service to their customers which makes it legit. You can always contact their customer services via phone calls, emails, or even via chats too which is a good thing about it. Also, you get a free site transfer feature over here which lacks in the StartUp plan.
  • Other Features:-  Apart from the key features that are mentioned above you get various other features that are essential for WordPress websites like staging, FTP accounts, etc.
  • Price:- When it comes to its price range it’s too cheap compared to the other WordPress hosting out there. I’m the marketplace. It just cost you $5.95/ month along with the money-back guarantee. It’s way better to go with GrowBig as the features are quite acceptable compared to the Startup plan. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro blogger GoGeek is an all-rounder plan which allows you to access all of its services which is not available in the StartUp plan & GrowBig plan. Here you get access to all of its advanced features which helps you to make your website well managed and user friendly.

Now let’s move on to its key features which are highlighted. 

  • Essential Features:- Here you can access the 100,000 visits which are way more than the earlier plans. It clearly defines that it is an advanced plan. Also here you get upgraded storage of almost 30GB due to which your website will never get a lack of storage which is a positive part of GoGeek. Apart from this, you can host unlimited websites which is a good thing. And personally, I make use of these features a lot which allows saving a few bucks, rather looking towards any other hosting plans out there.
  • Support System:- It has similar support of the earlier plans but also consists of some additional one too. I personally like to use the free site transfer support and advanced priority support a lot. It helps me whenever I get stuck anywhere while installation of hosting or setting it up. And 24/7 availability allows users to chat with the system of SiteGround whenever there is a need for it via chat, email, or phone calls.
  • Other Features:- It includes SSL certificates and also provides custom PHP versions so that users can take advantage of it without hesitation.
  • Price:- Moving towards its price bracket which provides a great deal $11.95/ month which excessively less compared to other hosting providers.

As we’ve discussed a lot about the key features of the StartUp plan, GrowBig plan, and GoGeek plan now it’s time to analyze the pros and cons. As I’ve mentioned a lot of positive areas of SiteGround but also there are a few of the negative areas too which may or may not affect your WordPress website. Let me clearly justify to you that ‘Nothing is perfect but you need to find out what is best out of the specific thing’ similarly you need to focus on what you want so as to get more advantage of it.

Overall User Experience With SiteGround

SiteGround hosting is as simple as any of the beginner bloggers can use it undoubtedly. Even if one needs any kind of technical support you can always get in touch with customer care (24/7 availability).

Should You Buy SiteGround Or Not? 

Considering its pros And cons I must say that you should give it a try. Personally, I would recommend you go with the SiteGround ground as the services are legit and they provide you value for money which is a great thing and it is still missed in some of the WordPress hosting providers. In order to escape from extra frees you can always come up with your domain. 

Pros And Cons Of SiteGround WordPress Hosting 


SiteGround starts with 99.99% uptime which is a good and most reliable thing for the basic user and pro user too. Your website speed will just boom which provides the audience a good impression.

Load Time Is Way Better

According to pro bloggers site speed is one of the topmost things which they must care about and SiteGround wins the battle over here as it provides. Particularly from the research, it’s been noticed that 50% of the visitors leave the webpage if it does not load within 3 seconds which directly affects your website.

In order to improve the load time, you might have to crop the images and also have to go through CDN pressure which is a hectic process. Here SiteGround truly helps you out. As it offers you a loading time of 673ms which is average load time.

Overall Good Performance

Audience satisfaction is much more important which can help you to grow your website. SiteGround provides you an uptime of almost 99.99% which is a pretty good thing. In order to make visitors happy, uptime plays an important role. Also, month by month uptime is improving SiteGround which seems to be the positive part of it.

Single Website Migration 

We can see most of the website hosting providers aren’t good at providing migration due to which the website lots of burdens, came on a migration to any site you need which helps the user a lot. For the advance plan i.e. GoGeek is available for free and for others, it might take some charges but you don’t have to worry about the service of migration as it is up to date.

Genuine Customer Support

We’ve been using the SiteGround services for a while and we haven’t faced any type of difficulties in reading out to the customer care services which I think makes it legit WordPress hosting providers. Art from this you get access to 25/7 customer services due to which it wins the battle here. You can set up your WordPress website with the help of customer services via chat, email, or phone call. Instant answering the phone calls and chats helps a lot in order to get value for the money they charge.

Money-Back Guarantee

This makes the true sense for purchasing SiteGround hosting plans where you get 30 days of money-back guarantee which is a good thing. It allows you to have a try on it. But let me convey to you that you’ll never get into another hosting once you get into it due to its value. I would suggest you go with it even though you’re about, to begin with, blogging. It works pretty fine and its interface is pretty simple which makes it user friendly.


Coming up on the negative side of SiteGround hosting services. It’ll become tough to buy it if it’s uptime gets lower as 99.99%. Even though SiteGround never gets down in providing true value to its users by providing 24/7 customer services and some of the free services which help to improve the WordPress website.

Few drawbacks are still there which can be fixed by the time. 

Charges For Set Up

SiteGround almost charges $14.95 in order to set up your WordPress website which does not make any sense. But the good news is that they allow you to purchase a monthly plan which provides a great deal as no one else provides.

For some, it might be a drawback but as you’ll get used to it you’ll be like it takes negligible price compared to the services provided by it.

Renewal Rates Are Higher

Once you purchase the plan the next year’s renewal cost becomes as high as it goes up to $34.95/ month which is much it might be because you are provided such a great service but still it can be counted into a drawback. The best way to get rid of this is getting a maximum month plan as possible like about 36 months which will cost you but lesser.

No Free Domain

It might be essential nowadays and many hosting providers are offering free domain names with the purchase they make but there is a huge drawback that you need to purchase domain names separately as it is not included in your plan. They charge you about $15.95/ year which is quite higher. So I must suggest you purchase a domain from any other provider in order to save a few bucks. 


SiteGround is known for its services which are absolutely incredible and well managed. It provides a good experience to the user and also helps you to make your website more user friendly. As the plans are concerned you can go with suitable plans for your WordPress website. I would recommend going with the GrowBig WordPress hosting plan if you’re a beginner as it provides you some of the awesome features compared to the StartUp plan.


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