Things You Need To Know Before Picking A WordPress Hosting Plan

The very first task in blogging is to decide the blogging platforms. You get a lot of options out there to publish your blog posts, few of them are also free ones but if you’re serious into blogging then it’s always better to own your blog by having a specific hosting plan. You’ll find many options who used to provide hosting services like Bluehost, SiteGround hosting, A2 hosting, Hostgator, etc. which are the topmost legit hosting providers.

It sounds pretty awful but there are few things which you need to know before picking a WordPress hosting plan in order to keep your website fast and user friendly, after researching a lot and by personal experiences we came across various things which you should know while purchasing a hosting plan. So without any further ado let’s get deep into it.

What Is WordPress Hosting? 


In a simple language, WordPress hosting is the web hosting that lives on the internet. Your whole content including posts, images, links, etc. is saved in the hosting. Also, your website’s load time depends on the hosting plan you choose. More the load time the chances are also more of getting maximum visitors,  so it’s very important to choose a legit WordPress hosting to optimize your site in an authentic manner.

Some of the WordPress hostings also include the tools which help to optimize and to manage your website properly.

Why Hosting Is Necessary For WordPress Website? 

If you want to make a website using domain name then it did not take any charges from you but if you want to make your website look professional you’ll need a proper domain name along with hosting plan. If you’re looking to monetize your website you’ll undoubtedly need a WordPress hosting plan, because it allows you to add various necessary plugins that you can use to improve your website’s overview, load time, and SEO.

You’ll also find most of the hosting providers out there like SiteGround, who used to provide a free domain name along with the hosting plan. It’s one of the great advantages for the users.

1. Load Time

Page load time is one of the most important parts which varies while buying a WordPress hosting. Your viewers may get decrease if the load times of the page are less (is. less than 3-4 seconds). This is the biggest factor which provides a good experience to viewers. Faster the page gets to load the conversion of visitors increases and provides your website professional themes.

SEO:- SEO ranking is one of the most important factors which helps your website to rank.

Fastest Hosting Option:- It might sound pretty different but choosing a correct hosting is necessary. Some of the hostings like SiteGround, Bluehost, A2 hosting, Hostinger is the top-rated provides which provide great value. You get faster speed with these dedicated hosting which allows a budding blogger to improve the website status.

2. Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time needed to allow the users for visiting the website and to access it. It is crucial to believe but having an uptime of at least 99.99% is necessary. In order to improve the uptime score, one must make sure that the website themes should be lighter.

3. WordPress Hosting Price

The complete scenario makes the sense only if the price range is acceptable. To get a dedicated WordPress hosting one should also have to choose according to the price. Though various cheaper options are available out there as per specifications provided they won’t provide you much value.

Try to find out the decent WordPress hosting options which consist of a certain theme, uptime, load time, and also storage capacity. More the storage more content you can store. I would prefer to go with SiteGround WordPress hosting as they provide a free domain name which is again a good thing as it helps you to save a few bucks.

4. Support System

This is one of the most important factors if you’re entering into the world of blogging. Undoubtedly you will come across various doubts and issues related to set up. In such a case, the hosting provider’s support system is so useful. Various providers claims of giving 24/7 service but very few of them take their words.

This is what you’ll find a correlation between cheaper WordPress hosting and bad customer services. In order to take advantage of customer support, I suggest you for hosting your WordPress hosting with SiteGround which is one of my personal top recommendations. The reason I choose SiteGround is that its 25/7 technical support allows you to get in touch with them via chat box, email, or via direct phone call. Not only that they also claim of providing a money-back guarantee.

5. Performance

The performance of the hosting totally depends upon the services provided by the hosting. Web hosting server plays a vital role in the performance of the website. As the load time and content impacts on the performance. Good quality of the hardware is essential for the good quality and the services for the web host also the quality of hosting is necessary

Type of RAM and storage depends upon the amount of content, you produce through the website. The processing power of CPU can be tracked which helps to calculate the performance rate of the website and certain bugs can be sorted out. If your website load time gets lower then you need to upgrade the plan so as to allow more visitors to visit your website. Also, make sure to upgrade to premium plans as it is essential in order to maintain your WordPress website.

So these were a few of the points which you need to look for before purchasing the WordPress hosting.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting? 

Its always better to go with the managed WordPress hosting though they are pretty higher in price range but provides you great value in terms of performance and other aspects. If you’re about to start your e-commerce business of a personal blog I would recommend you go with the managed WordPress hosting as they are simple to install and also offers you a free domain name (SiteGround is one of the best examples).

WordPress hosting takes care of your regular backup due to which your content never lowers down.

Top Managed WordPress Hosting

There lot more options available out there from which you can choose as per need but many of them don’t put their words of providing services. Very few of them are there which provides true value. I’ve used a lot more of them but believe me I’m managing all of my websites using the following WordPress hosting.

1. WPX WordPress Hosting


WPX is one of my favourite hostings which I’ve been using from quite sometime before and it is one of top recommendation which serves you a complete package out there. The charges of WPX hosting begins from just $20.83/ month which is not as much compared to the value they’re providing. Also, it offers you a free domain along with the money-back guarantee which makes sense to acquire their services from scratch. The customer support of WPX hosting is top-notch as you’re free to get in touch with their executive anytime you need.

2. BlueHost WordPress Hosting


Again Bluehost is also one of the highly recommended WordPress hostings which you can choose in order to host your website. Although it may be quite cheaper compared to the SiteGround the features are pretty impressive. It is better to go with it as they claims of providing 24/7 services which is a positive part of it. The price range begins from just $2.75/ months which makes it usable.

3. Kinsta WordPress Hosting


Kinsta hosting is another great choice to have a look upon. Kinsta WordPress Hosting offers great technical support which makes it different. Also, their plans are pretty impressive due to providing the exact similar services as the Bluehost but its uptime remains constant at 99.98% which is a great thing about it. If you’ve just entered into a world of blogging it’s convenient for you to host your website with the Kinsta WordPress hosting.

4. DreamHost WordPress Hosting


DreamHost has approximately more than a million domain registered and also provide the money-back guarantee as none of the competitor’s hostings providers used provides so. Uptime is also constant which is a great thing about the DreamHost. It’s one of the most legit WordPress hosting providers which you can use to host your WordPress website. DreamHost is more relevant as it offers the true value and considered to be the most legitimate hosting providers which are serving their services since the past couple of decades.

Final Thoughts

There are several alternatives to the managed WordPress hosting but the topmost I’ve shared with you which I think are the most profitable and provide you value for money they take. Also if your website will get slow no viewers will go up on your website. It doesn’t matter whether you start your own e-commerce store through a website or a personal blog, but in order to store the information, you’ll need web hosting. I’ve aborted to talk about the clustered and cloud hosting as they’re not that important for the WordPress newbie (bloggers).

We’ve come across various points that you need to know about WordPress hosting. As it’s always better to choose the basic plan if you’re just beginner later on you can upgrade to the premium plan options which are available out there.

Also, we’ve seen various different aspects that are necessary to know before going with any WordPress hosting. Make sure to avoid the use of free hosting as they slow down your website due to which it may affect your loading time. Also, you can use the 24/7 facility which is provided by the hosting providers whenever necessary.

Things You Need To Know Before Picking A WordPress Hosting Plan

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